Selena Gomez Puts On A Racy Display In New Photos — Fans Have Never Seen Her Like This

Selena Gomez Puts On A Racy Display In New Photos — Fans Have Never Seen Her Like This
Credit: Source: Romy Soleimani/Instagram

It's hard to believe that Selena Gomez is 27-years-old and no longer the little girl who played Alex Russo on the award-winning show Wizards of Waverly Place but it's true. She's grown up and that means her image is changing as well. As far as Disney stars go, Selena Gomez is one of the tamest.  Unlike Bella Thorne, who played CeCe Jones on Disney's Shake It Up (and later went on to direct and star in an adult film) Selena has kept her image clean. Even these photos for Interview magazine, that may be her raciest yet, aren't that racy. Selena has overcome a lot in the past several years. Following her break up from on-again-off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena was in a dark place, but now she wants her fans to know that she is doing much better.

Amy Schumer interviewed Selena who opened up about the difficulty she experienced when Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin-Bieber were married opening her life up to intense public scrutiny. Selena has never hidden that she suffers from anxiety and has trouble living her life under a constant microscope.

On top of the anxiety and emotional struggles Selena has endured (as many child actors do) she also has the auto-immune disease Lupus. In 2017, Selena experienced Lupus complications so severe she underwent a kidney transplant.

Selena told Amy Schumer that she feels pressure to be a role model for her fans. She stated the following.

"A huge part fo why I have a platform is to help people. I'm OK with the magnitude. I mean, I'm not really OK with it, but I'm going to say that I am because it's worth it."

It is clear that Selena takes being a role model extremely seriously and that might be why her racy photos are still considered tame by many standards.

Selena covered the Spring 2020 issue of Interview. Eli Russell Linnetz photographed Selena for the shoot and Romy Soleimani did Selena's makeup.

You may see several photos including Selena's cover below.

Here is another photo of Selena Gomez from the Interview magazine.

What do you think about the photos?

Do you think Selena Gomez's latest photoshoot for Interview is her raciest yet?

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