Selena Gomez Proud Of Friend Taylor Swift For Calling Out Scooter Braun

Selena Gomez Proud Of Friend Taylor Swift For Calling Out Scooter Braun
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Selena Gomez is totally by fellow singer Taylor Swift’s side amid her drama with Scooter Braun. In fact, one insider report says Taylor is someone she actually looks up to a lot, precisely because ‘she fights for what she wants.’

A source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Taylor’s recent fight over her music is yet another thing that Selena sees as a powerful move.’

As you know by now, Taylor took to social media to call out famed star manager Scooter Braun for getting complete rights of her entire music catalogue.

Ever since, people in the industry have been showing their support to either one or the other but as far as Selena is concerned, she thinks her pal is totally in the right.

Furthermore, she ‘looks to [Taylor] as a role model because she fights for what she wants, and the change she wants to see. Selena would like to take on a little of that mentality for herself. Taylor has always had Selena’s back and the least Selena can do is be there for Taylor during any drama that she has to take on. Selena honors that friendship and will protect it at all costs.’

The insider went on to say Selena will do anything she can to make sure Taylor knows she has her full support in this and in anything else that happens in the future.

Support is actually something really important for Selena in any relationship.

She also ‘feels really bad that Taylor lost her chance to [own] the rights to her music. Selena learns from Taylor every day, and this ordeal is another learning experience that Taylor has inadvertently helped her with.’


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