Selena Gomez On Body Image: ‘I Feel Insecure All The Time’

Selena Gomez On Body Image: ‘I Feel Insecure All The Time’
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It turns out that sometimes, even stars that most people look up to for inspiration when it comes to health and beauty are self-conscious. Selena Gomez opened up about body image and her own insecurities.

During a brand new interview for Elle, the singer revealed that she’s just like everyone else and feels insecure about her body ‘all the time.’

While discussing her active wear collection in collaboration with PUMA, Strong Girl, the star told the outlet that ‘I always love to have quality where I bring out the very best in a girl, because I was that girl, I mean I also feel insecure all the time, I feel really awkward. It is something where I feel as if I can connect with them through my music, through film, and now I also get to do it with this.’

She went on to confess that she has those days when she feels insecure and that she goes through strange ups and down in her life.

That being said, Selena’s main thought when working on the collection was that people should just wear whatever they feel comfortable in.

‘My assistant, she will wear workout clothes every day. But she does not work out. It has just become a lifestyle, and she loves it. She likes how she feels and how she wears it, and I mean, that is what I want everyone to feel. She has inspired me a lot too,’ Selena shared for the magazine.

Certainly, everybody can relate to that view!

Selena Gomez is doing so much better following her health complications and emotional breakdown and the PUMA campaign is perfect since it talks about what makes her and other women strong.

The celeb is using her voice to remind girls they are powerful the way they are.

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