Selena Gomez Made A Song About Wanting A Boyfriend Following Her Justin Bieber Split!

Selena Gomez Made A Song About Wanting A Boyfriend Following Her Justin Bieber Split!
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As far as the public knows, Selena Gomez has been single ever since her split from Justin Bieber! That being said, these days, the singer wants to find love again and that has even inspired a song that is appropriately titled ‘I Want a Boyfriend!’

Fans know that Selena has worked with Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels on her music for years and now, the two chatted about their songwriting process with Wall Street Journal.

While explaining all about that, Julia used a particular track as an example – one that they created together after a split from Justin Bieber.

‘I’ll text her and say, ‘What kind of mood are you in?’ One time she just responded, ‘I am feeling strong and happy,’ and then she said at the end of the text, ‘I just really want a boyfriend.’ I thought that we should do a song about that. She got to the studio, and it started flowing together,’ she dished for the news outlet.

While it sounds like the song that was made quite some time ago was never released, it was not because it doesn’t have a deeper meaning than it seems.

Julia dished that ‘One of the lyrics is about a fine line between a want and a need. Yes, she wants a boyfriend, but it is not a need. She is okay on her own, and we all should be, too.’

Previously, Selena admitted that she’d been single for about two years following her relationship with The Weeknd.

And while she did reunite with Justin Bieber at some point, it did not last long at all!

In the meantime, Justin got married with Hailey Baldwin while Selena has been focusing on herself – no man in her life yet!

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