Selena Gomez Joining Katy Perry As An 'American Idol' Judge?

Selena Gomez Joining Katy Perry As An 'American Idol' Judge?
Source: Daily Mail

Selena Gomez seems to be a woman who has it all, both in her career and in her private life.  She is currently filming a new Woody Allen movie, and her relationship with The Weeknd went next level when they leased a Greenwich Village apartment together.

Now, reports are coming out that claim Gomez is being pursued by ABC’s American Idol reboot to join Katy Perry as a judge. According to the insider source at Hollywood insider says Idol producers think Gomez would be a perfect fit.

“Producers think that Selena would be great to join the judging panel because she’d bring in a younger crowd for ratings, she’d be considered the nice judge and they would love her to join because the impact she has with social media,” says an insider close to the show.

Gomez is a huge social media star and she owns the most popular account on Instagram with an incredible 127 million followers

However, just because Gomez would be ideal for American Idol , it doesn’t mean she is going to take the job. The show already signed Perry for $25 million, which is about half of their budget. That means the other two judges earn significantly less, and since Gomez is arguably the bigger star, it wouldn’t make much sense for her to take less money than Perry for doing the same job.

Ryan Seacrest also has a big payday coming to return as the host. His exact salary has not been revealed, but negotiations were reportedly intense and a lot of it had to do with how much they were paying Perry.

On top of work and romance, Selena Gomez is still recovering from a kidney transplant she had earlier this year due to complications from Lupus. She received the organ from one of her closest friends, Francia Raisa.

Gomez is taking care of herself and monitoring her recovery, but it’s unknown just how much of a workload the actress/singer is willing to take on at this time.

The American Idol reboot has had significant problems finding two more judges to add to the panel, and that could mean big problems for the show before it ever gets started. Perry has an upcoming tour scheduled, and that limits her availability. If Idol can’t find two other judges soon, it could cause some major delays for the show.

Perry said in a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest that she was going to be a tough judge, much like Simon Cowell. If producers decide to go with the same judge dynamic as the Fox version, it means they will need to find a “nice” judge to contrast with Perry’s promised brutal honesty.

Katy Perry said she hoped legendary singer Lionel Richie would join the judge’s panel because he is an icon and incredibly charming.

Selena Gomez has not commented on the American Idol rumors.


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