Selena Gomez Is Proud Of Herself -- Reflects On Powerful 2019

Selena Gomez Is Proud Of Herself -- Reflects On Powerful 2019
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Selena Gomez has been off the music scene for a couple of years. She had a triumphant return when two back to back singles topped the charts in October and now the 27-year-old is taking time to reflect on her powerful year.

Gomez recently performed on the American Music Awards where she sang her hit releases and was met with rousing applause. She was seen supporting and being supported by her BFF Taylor Swift.

Little did viewers know, the artist suffered multiple panic attacks before giving her memorable comeback performance.

This comes months after her first love Justin Bieber solidified his union with Hailey Baldwin with a second wedding and years after her health scare that caused her to get a kidney transplant due to Lupus complications.

Through it all, Selena has handled it in stride and poured her heart and soul into new songs for fans to enjoy.


She spoke to In Style Magazine where she promoted her new collaboration with Puma.

Gomez was asked if she is reflecting on anything now that the year is ending to which she responded: 'I think every time the holidays come up, there's some part of you where you kind of sit and reflect on the year. This year was really, really powerful for me. I can say that I'm so proud of how hard I worked, and that I truly am excited to just sit back with my family, and enjoy, and turn off everything. I always just think about what happened, and where I want to go in life, and hope for the best.'

When asked to describe her album, Selena stated: 'I can say this, and it might not sound right, but I've tried my hardest to make this the best album I've ever done. And I feel like I lived up to the expectations. Hopefully that doesn't come back to bite me in the a**.'

Are you excited for new music from the pop star?

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