Selena Gomez Has Some Big Plans This Year - She Is Reportedly In A Very 'Good Place!'

Selena Gomez Has Some Big Plans This Year - She Is Reportedly In A Very 'Good Place!'
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Selena Gomez is determined to make 2019 her best year yet! According to insider reports, the singer has been spending a lot of her time in the studio, writing lyrics and working on recording new music for her loyal fans.

That being said, one source assured ET that ‘2019 is going to be a big year for Selena and her career,’ and that she ‘is in a really good place.’

This is really great news since, as you may know, Selena checked into a mental health facility back in December after she had a reported mental breakdown over her illness getting worse.

The star underwent a kidney transplant since she suffers from lupus and later on experienced some complications that got her in the hospital.

Nowadays, she seems to be feeling much better both physically and mentally!

Selena has been spending quality time with her loved ones as well, in addition to working on her new music.

The insider went on to reveal that ‘Selena is working out quite a lot, taking different exercising classes and also hiking. She's also been spending time with close friends, most of whom are not in the Hollywood scene.’

‘Selena does a great job of hanging out with people who are not in Hollywood - it has always been her thing. She has famous friends, but the friends who truly keep her grounded have been around forever, and Selena can be her true self when she is with them.'

That is definitely great to hear! Are you looking forward to listening to new music from Selena Gomez or not?

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  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Mar 5, 2019 8:23 PM PST

    Selena Gomez cheats and plays dirty. She used streaming bots to inflate her Spotify numbers last summer. She topped Drake's streaming even though she hadn't had new music or a hit in three plus years and Drake had the number one album plus top ten hits at the time. The Drake team didn't buy it -- and called her out for cheating. She's never been held accountable for this or anything else. She needs to answer for this -- it's a fraud on the public. There are also accusations that IG numbers are inflated.

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