Selena Gomez Explains Why She's Now Open About Her Love Life!

Selena Gomez Explains Why She's Now Open About Her Love Life!
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During a new interview for Interview magazine, Selena Gomez got candid about her need to open up about important things such as depression and anxiety. The singer chatted with Amy Schumer for the April 2020 issue of the publication and also discussed growing up as a public person, as well as also opening up about her love life.

Apparently, all of this transparency with the fans has contributed a lot to Selena finding happiness.

The star explained why she’s chosen to be a lot more vocal about her relationships lately, stating that: ‘My intention was never to become a tabloid. [It] got out of control.’

‘And then I was: ‘Wait, none of this is true.’ The way that the media has tried to explain things has made it sound very bad, when in reality there is nothing wrong that I needed to get away or that I fell in love. I had to begin opening up because people were just taking away my narrative, and that was killing me. I’ am so young, and I am going to keep changing, and no one has the right to tell me how my life is going.’

She went on to note that she doesn’t even remember when that wasn’t her situation, which is sad.

After all, the celeb has been in the entertainment industry since 2002 when she first appeared as Gianna on Barney and Friends as a little child.

Ever since then, she has either acted in multiple roles or released music, but either way, she’s constantly been in the public eye.

Then, her relationships with fellow stars such as The Weeknd, Nick Jonas, and of course, Justin Bieber have also kept her in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, often overshadowing her talent and achievements.

Selena told Amy that ‘What's kept me afloat is that I know eventually it will be someone else—and I do not mean that in a negative way. Sometimes it has been bad for my career, but other times it was like, ‘Now I can talk about things like my depression and my anxiety, things that I have struggled with and which I am totally open about, because I really believe in seeking help.’ But other than that, what also keeps me grounded is the fact that I do my best to avoid it.’

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