Selena Gomez Does Her Own Makeup And Is Magnificent!

Selena Gomez Does Her Own Makeup And Is Magnificent!
Credit: Source: Rare Beauty/Instagram

Selena Gomez launched her makeup company, Rare Beauty , over the summer and now the gorgeous 28-year-old singer and actress is showing off her stunning looks. Selena has surprised her fans by doing her own makeup and has shared several photos where she did her own face. Now Selena's fans are freaking out over what a great job she did. Some are saying she could be a professional makeup artist!

In the first photo that Selena Gomez shared on the official Rare Beauty , Instagram account, the "Lose You To Love Me" singer appears fresh-faced and radiant. Her skin looks flawless and her complexion is dewy. She used only Rare Beauty makeup products

Makeup brought to you by @selenagomez 😍. Who else loves when Selena taps into her inner makeup artist and does her own makeup looks?

@selenagomez is wearing ⬇️
Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in Joy
Positive Light Liquid Luminizer in Outshine
Lip Soufflé Matte lip Cream in Courage

Selena posed with her head to the side and her hair flowed in relaxed curls past her shoulder. Her eye makeup was gorgeous and looked natural with thick lashes to frame her dark eyes. Fans loved Selena's lipstick and demand for the matte color increased after Selena shared the photo of herself wearing it.

You may see the photo of Selena Gomez that was shared with Rare Beauty's two million Instagram followers below.

Makeup artist Hung Vanngo shared several photos of Selena Gomez for her Allure photo shoot and explained in the caption that Selena did her own makeup for the photo shoot. Hung directed Selena on how to do the makeup and gave a full breakdown of the products she used.

Selena's fans loved her Allure photo shoot and her pictures are amazing. You may see the photo slideshow that celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo shared on his official Instagram account featuring Selena Gomez and her stunning looks below.

What do you think about Selena's latest photos? Are you surprised that she did her own makeup?


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