Selena Gomez Allegedly Screamed "What The H***" After Seeing Bella Hadid And The Weeknd Kissing In Cannes

Selena Gomez Allegedly Screamed "What The H***" After Seeing Bella Hadid And The Weeknd Kissing In Cannes
Credit: Source: Prayers to Pray

Selena Gomez may be a single lady but it doesn't mean she doesn't have feelings for her ex. After leaving The Weeknd for Justin Bieber, the hip-hop artist has reunited with his first love Bella Hadid, much to Selena's dismay.

When news broke that Abel Tesfaye and the Disney alum were dating it sparked undeniable drama. There were whispers that people felt that Selena broke 'girl code' by dating Gigi Hadid's younger sister's ex-boyfriend.

Gomez was a part of Taylor Swift's famous "squad" which included Gigi Hadid. Bella and The Weeknd dated for years before mutually deciding to split due to conflicting schedules.

Selena claimed that both Gigi and Bella were merely her acquaintances and she didn't owe any loyalty to her.

The models confirmed the drama when they unfollowed the pop singer on Instagram -- a huge deal this day and age.

When Selena ditched The Weeknd and landed back in Justin's arms, the 28-year-old was hurt as he crooned in "Call Out My Name." However, it gave him the perfect opportunity to get back with Bella.

The exes were seen making out in Cannes for two days in a row.

A source tells Hollywood Life: " Selena  screamed, ‘what the h**,’ when she found out about Bella and Abel making out in Cannes."

Apparently, Selena believed that the "OVO" singer was completely over the model so she was shocked to hear of their rendezvous in France.

The insider added: "She is sad things didn’t work out between her and Abel and thinks he is a great guy, so she hopes he can find happiness. But she was completely shocked and can’t believe they are back together after everything they have been through."

Do you think Selena Gomez has a right to have an opinion about who The Weeknd is dating? Id her reaction hypocritical?


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