Selena ‘Bummed’ The Weeknd Is Going Back On Tour; Check Out How She Plans To Keep Their Love Alive

Selena ‘Bummed’ The Weeknd Is Going Back On Tour; Check Out How She Plans To Keep Their Love Alive

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have been seen together all the time recently, but all this will have to end because he has to go back on tour. An insider knows what she is planning to do to maintain their relationship as excellent as it is.

Selena and The Weeknd just had the most fantastic trip to New York City over the Labor Day weekend, and it was full of activities such as grabbing gelatos and playing with puppies in a pet store.

But, unfortunately, the time has come for Abel Tesfaye to hit the road again.

The Weeknd is going back on tour and Selena is very sad about this.

'Selena is super bummed that Abel is going back on tour,' a source stated.

'One of the reasons for which they came to New York was because Abel is continuing his tour on the east coast and Selena was eager to spend as much time with her man as possible before he leaves. She loved to be able to do regular things with him like taking walks in the park and visiting landmarks around the city,' the insider continued to confess.

'Although she is bummed, she loves that his tour is coming at the right time, as she also has her album and upcoming movie shoot that she can shift her focus to. If their schedules permit a quick fly in, she will jump at the opportunity to go and see her man.'

Selena has a plan for what she will be doing for herself, but she is also going to keep their romance alive while he is on tour.

She is determined to keep things going great even when he is on the road.

She wants to 'keep their romance active while he’s on the road on his tour, so she will send him gifts and handwritten messages as well to his hotel to let him know that she is thinking about him,' the source continued.

'Selena has even thought really well into the future, and she is already making plans to celebrate Abel’s tour wrap-up in mid-December. She wants to make his Christmas a time to remember. When he gets back, one of the things she wants to do first is to let him kick his feet up and prepare a nice home-cooked meal for him with all the trimmings.'


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