Season Two Of You On Netflix Is Filming -- Penn Badgley Talks 'Nauseating' Scenes

Season Two Of You On Netflix Is Filming -- Penn Badgley Talks 'Nauseating' Scenes
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You on Netflix has audiences begging for more. Fans of the deliciously guilty pleasure will be delighted to know that season two is three months into filming and Penn Badgley is still bothered by some of the things he had to do on set.

If you think season one was graphic, you may want to grab a bucket for the upcoming installment because Joe Goldberg gets even down and dirtier during this one. Allegedly, there are scenes with props that made Penn physically ill!

The actor spoke with Entertainment Tonight where he talked about the parts that disturbed him the most.

'It’s the ones where I’m trying to embody Joe really living in that house, really having these rare moments of coming to terms with what he’s done, and that’s far more difficult than committing a certain act in a moment, whether it’s hitting Shay Mitchell over the head with a rock or stabbing someone in the neck. There are some things I’ve done with prosthetic bodies in this [new] season that were kind of nauseating as I did them, I will say that.'

Let this serve as a spoiler alert for fans who don't want to know anything about the upcoming episodes.

Joe's infamous muse, Guinevere Beck, is really dead and will stay dead. As for his ex, Candace, the same can't be said for her as actress Ambyr Childers was seen with a script in her hands on set via social media.

As much thirst as fans have shown towards Penn's character, Badgley is hoping this second season will end that for good.

'I don’t want to just say that it’s problematic and that the viewers themselves have a problematic reaction, I think what’s inspiring about it is that at a time when we’re striving for the empowerment of women and for the equality  of men and women, that we are also simultaneously able to be transfixed and charmed by a character like Joe. It speaks to how deeply ingrained a lot of these standards and norms are where we love to see a guy behaving like him. In a way, Joe is a great cultural touchpoint to say, ‘We still have a lot of work to do.’'

As for now, there is no release date but it's safe to say it may be right around the corner.

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