Searches For Carmen Electra Explode Following Her Viral 'The Last Dance' Appearence

Searches For Carmen Electra Explode Following Her Viral 'The Last Dance' Appearence
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Following Carmen Electra's appearence on ESPN's Michael Jordan docu-series, The Last Dance , searches for Carmen Electra exploded on adult-themed websites all over the internet.

After the star's story-telling segment on the aforementioned program, searches for Carmen Electra jumped by around 1.7 million, with daily averages topping out at 1,500 searches. In case you missed it, Electra reflected on her marriage to Dennis Rodman, the Chicago Bulls star, including the time Jordan walked in on Dennis and Electra sleeping together.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Electra shared how sexually active she and Dennis were during their marriage. She said that one day, the Chicago Bulls had a day off from training, and Dennis told her that he had a surprise for her.

Electra claims Dennis took her on his motorcycle to the Bulls practice facility which was completely empty. According to the actress, they had popsicles from the fridge and slept with each other all over the facility, including on the court, in the physical therapy room, and in the weight room.

Fans Carmen Electra knows she's frequently in the media for her past relationships, including Dave Navarro. On the 8th of June, Todd Malm picked up on a social media post from the bombshell in which she expressed her relentless love and appreciation for her ex-husband. 

Ten years after they broke up, the Scary Movie alum took to her social media account to commemorate the good times she and Dave had together. Last year, the Jane's Addiction guitarist turned 51-years-old and the model posted a tribute to him on her account.

She also shared a picture of their 2003 wedding in which Dave carried her across the room. Electra went on to thank Dave for being so understanding of her flaws as a human being, stating that he never judged her for the mistakes she made.

According to Electra, she and Dave had a "time-out system" for them to abide by and it worked. The model and guitar-player have since been on amicable terms since they split in 2007.

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