Sean Hunter From Controversial Peloton Bike Commercial Fights Back Against SNL Joke

Sean Hunter From Controversial Peloton Bike Commercial Fights Back Against SNL Joke
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Sean Hunter, the man who starred as the husband in the new Peloton bike commercial, was the target of social media vitriol claims a new report from TMZ. Earlier this week, Saturday Night Live mocked the new commercial in which Mr. Hunter starred, and unfortunately, Sean didn't get the last laugh.

While out in Hermosa Beach, California, on Saturday night, Mr. Hunter spoke with reporters from the aforementioned outlet and took some shots at SNL. Reportedly, the commercial featured a man who is trying to get his wife to purchase an exercise bike for Christmas.

In case you didn't watch the episode of Saturday Night Live, Colin Jost took a shot at the commercial, referring to it as sexist among other criticisms. Mr. Hunter said to TMZ that the joke felt a bit "frustrating" to him.

Speaking with TMZ, Sean explained that he thought SNL was merely facilitating a narrative and perception which was never really the point of the advertisement in the first place. In other words, Sean believes they misunderstood the commercial.

As a result, Hunter claims he has been the target of social media trolling ever since the episode of the show aired. Additionally, Sean claims he was entertained by the new commercial put on by Aviation Gin in which his co-star, Monica Ruiz, starred.

As for whether or not Sean intends on getting a Peloton bike for his partner, the star is an elementary school teacher, but he was in the LA shop earlier on Saturday. Regardless of whether or not the criticism from Saturday Night Live was warranted or not, this wouldn't be the first time a company faced criticism for an advertisement.

The Chinese division for the car-makers, Audi, once came under fire for inadvertently comparing the purchase of a new automobile to getting a new wife.

In the commercial, a woman can be seen on her wedding day receiving an inspection from her mother who humiliatingly counts all of her teeth while she's on the alter. The commercial came out two years ago in 2017.

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