Scrapp Deleon And Tommie Lee Kiss After Being Reunited - Causes Drama Between Her And Rumored Boyfriend Ian Conner!

Scrapp Deleon And Tommie Lee Kiss After Being Reunited - Causes Drama Between Her And Rumored Boyfriend Ian Conner!
Credit: Source: VH1

Scrapp Deleon and Tommie Lee were no doubt a fan favorite couple when they premiered on 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.' The romance seemed to have ended once Scrapp Deleon was sentenced to prison but a video of the two reuniting put a lot of people in their feelings.

The rapper was released from prison in September of 2018 after being sentenced to five years in jail and 15 years probation in 2016 for marijuana trafficking charges.

Meanwhile, Tommie Lee has been dealing with a surplus of heavy news lately.

Between allegedly facing up to 54 years in prison for child abuse and dealing with the loss of her close friend, Chiko Juan, Tommie has been through the wringer.

Fans of the VH1 star knows that she struggles with alcoholism that has been addressed both on and off camera.

There are only two things that seem to keep the female rapper centered: family and Scrapp Deleon.


Although the two couldn't stay together romantically, it's always been clear that they've had a strong connection regardless of what they go through.

In a video that surfaced on the internet yesterday, Tommie Lee and Scrapp had an emotional reunion where they embraced and passionately kissed on the lips.

Immediately after the clip went viral, Tommie's rumored boyfriend, Ian Conner, seemed to indirectly shade the VH1 star.

On his Instagram story, Conner posted a photo along with the caption: "Y'all h***"

He also followed the post up with quotes that speak about disloyalty.

Ian Conner claims that his shade is merely song lyrics.


Tommie Lee directly addressed the video of her and Scrapp by posting an Instagram Story that read: "The past few weeks I have not been in the best place emotionally with no one by my side. Today I was genuinely happy to see my old friend that I haven't seen in three years, we just talked. With all that I have going on I just really wish I could catch a break and today was the first time I was actually in a good space. But once again the internet wins. Y'all got it."

What do you think about this drama?


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