Scottie Pippen's Alleged Side-Piece Is Suing Him For The Trips She Allegedly Paid For

Scottie Pippen's Alleged Side-Piece Is Suing Him For The Trips She Allegedly Paid For
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Scottie Pippen finds himself in the news today, following the latest allegations. The Shade Room is here with the latest information.

TSR writes, 'His alleged former side piece is claiming he made her run up the bill during their affair and promised to pay her back but sis never saw a dime.'

The same IG account writes that 'She is now back with a vengeance trying to collect the coins she can from an affair that happened more than 25 years ago! According to court docs obtained by @blast, a woman named Chyvette Valentine claims to have dated Scottie from 1987 to 1993, while he was playing for the #ChicagoBulls and was very much a married man.'

It's been reported that during their alleged six-year affair, Valentine claims that she spent thousands of dollars in expenses. She claimed that he said he would pay her back all the money.

She said that she paid for everything 'including the hotels, cars, gas, food,' writes TSR.

Someone said: 'Wait.. your Scottie pippin side chick and you’re PAYING for the trips? I thought the idea of that was that the dude pays. And he was playing in the NBA and he still said he has no C’mon now even us regular folk know better, just saying if I made plans for a vacation from with my partner and he has a job but wants me to spot him... the most he’d get is a postcard from where I’m at.'

One commenter posted: 'How you the side piece to a millionaire paying for trips 🤔🤔'

Someone else wrote: 'Wayment wayment sis. You were ducking Scottie Pippen... and YOU was paying for trips? 😂😂😂 sis let me come talk to you.'

A follower posted: 'I’m imagining that he didn’t want any paper trail that Larsa would catch onto. Not smart on the woman’s side. He definitely #1 city boy before we even knew what a city boy was 😂'

What's your opinion on this?

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