Scott Eastwood Shares Throwback Photo With Clint Eastwood For Father's Day

Scott Eastwood Shares Throwback Photo With Clint Eastwood For Father's Day
Credit: Source: Scott Eastwood/Instagram

Scott Eastwood shared a throwback photo with his dad, Clint Eastwood for Father's Day and his fans are freaking out. Uploading the picture to his official Instagram account and sharing it with his more than 3.2 million followers, his fans responded at the cuteness of the photo as well as how much Scott looks like his father.

For many years, the public was unaware that Clint Eastwood even had a son, let alone one that bore such a striking resemblance to the four-time Oscar winner. In fact, Clint Eastwood has a total of seven children. He has five daughters and two sons.

Now that Scott's star is rising in his own right and on his own merit, he's developed a devoted group of fans that follow him and his career.

Scott has three projects in development and fans are certain to see more of him on the silver screen.

On Father's Day, Scott Eastwood shared the following photo and caption on his Instagram account.

"Asked my mom to send me some old pics of my dad. I love doing this cause she has all these old stills that she has to lay out on the bed and then she takes a photo of them and sends me. Looks like Halloween late 80s. Dad looking like he is strait off Unforgiven movie. Still making movies today. Doing what he loves. Happy Father’s Day."

The picture went viral and has more than 100,000 likes and over 600 comments.

Scott Eastwood just finished filming the movie The Outpost  where he plays the character Staff Sergeant Clint Romesha. The movie is about U.S. soldiers who battle the Taliban and is set for an October 2019 release.

He has two movies in pre-production. These are The Manuscrip t and House of the Holy .

At 89-years-old, Scott praised his father for continuing to work and many people agree that they are impressed with the amazing career Clint Eastwood has and continues to have.

He is rumored to be working on the movie The Ballad of Richard Jewell as director. The film tells the story of a security guard who saved lives during the 1996 Olympics.

What do you think of Scott Eastwood's Father Day shoutout to his dad Clint Eastwood?

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