Scott Disick’s Mental Breakdown Was Not A Result Of His Alcohol Abuse - Here's The Real Reason!

Scott Disick’s Mental Breakdown Was Not A Result Of His Alcohol Abuse - Here's The Real Reason!

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is struggling with some serious mental health issues. As fans of the hit show may be aware, Scott Disick spent his entire summer in the company of young bikini clad girls and boozing night after night. His bender finally caught up with him in August when he was rushed to the hospital after suffering a meltdown.

Or at least that’s what we all thought!

However, it turns out that his drinking habits are not what actually caused his mental breakdown.

In reality, it was a result of a health issue that he has been dealing with for over a decade and not taking the medication for it.

‘Scott started using drugs and alcohol as a way to escape from his problems. However, the more he continued to drink, the worse his other problem became,’ one source close to the Kardashian clan revealed.

Reportedly, according to a California law, someone can be held in the hospital on a 5150 for at most 72 hours in the case that they could pose a danger to others or to themselves.

On August 18, his baby mama Kourtney Kardashian and KUWK momager Kris Jenner had to sign him off as they were the closest to a family that he’s got.

The insider explained that Scott was compliant to the doctor’s orders and he was well aware it was his fault for not taking his medication.

Scott Disick has got help for substance abuse multiple times, the most recent being back in 2015.

But after being clean for a while, when Kourtney started dating Younes Bendjima in June, the man relapsed and it looks like this time it’s going to be really difficult to get sober again.

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