Scott Disick Wages War With Kourtney Kardashian Over Custody Of Their Kids!

Scott Disick Wages War With Kourtney Kardashian Over Custody Of Their Kids!
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According to new reports, Scott Disick has stated an entire war against his on again, off again lover and babies’ mama, Kourtney Kardashian!

As fans of the popular reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians may already know, last week, the mother of three threatened Scott that she would go for full custody of the children is Disick will not change his wild ways and become a dedicated father!

The three Kardashian kids, 7 years old Mason, 4 years old Penelope and 2 years old Reign are at the age when they need both of their parents in their lives as much as possible, but Disick is always in an exotic place somewhere flirting with bikini-clad women instead.

Recently, Scott was photographed by the paparazzi spending some time out with his kids, and it was the first time in a few months! According to a trusty source close to the Kardashian clan, Scott is not taking Kourtney’s threats lightly.

“Kourtney and Scott had it out after she told him she was going after custody, and he told her that there is no way in hell that he would allow that to happen,” the insider revealed.

The 34 years old father also called Kourtney out for her late night parties.

“He told her that she was a drunk too, and the only difference between them is that she hides it well!” the insider claimed.

Furthermore, Scott will stay close to his kids despite their mother; wishes!

“Scott will fight Kourtney to the bitter end if he has to, because there is just no way that he will let her do this,” the source stated.

“He doesn’t think the kids are in any danger. He told her she can f*** off.”


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