Scott Disick Says He No Longer Trusts Anyone After Photos Of His Rehab Stay Were Shared With News Outlets

Scott Disick Says He No Longer Trusts Anyone After Photos Of His Rehab Stay Were Shared With News Outlets
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According to Scott Disick , he's having trust issues these days ever since someone snapped a photo of him entering a rehabilitation clinic and shared it with mainstream news outlets.

People Magazine picked up on a teaser clip of Keeping up With The Kardashians in which Scott talked about the controversy. Scott entered a treatment facility near the ending of April, but he left soon after due to pictures leaking to the press.

Reportedly, Scott was at the treatment center in Colorado for less than a week. When the news broke, he immediately left and went back to Los Angeles, California. The 37-year-old said it "couldn't have been a bigger betrayal."

During a conversation with Kim Kardashian, Khloe, Kris, and Rob over Zoom, Scott said bluntly, "I don't trust anybody here." Furthermore, the teaser clip shows how the family was dealing with the coronavirus pandemic when it first started.

In a part of the clip, the family discusses Khloe, 36, who gets tested for the virus. Kim said she was worried that Khloe contracted COVID-19. This was also around the same time as rumors surrounding her controversial relationship with Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods.

Moreover, the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians will show the family scrambling to leave Paris, France, at the beginning of March. At the time, West was just finishing his fashion show in the European city.

Regarding Rob, Khloe explained how Rob was going to be back on the show a lot more, and she was excited for him. She described him as "such a good person," and looked forward to people seeing him more often.

As for Kourtney, Khloe explained how Kourtney had chosen to stay away from the series a little more lately. Although, she does appear in part of it.


As most know, KUTWK is one of the most popular reality series on the E! network. These days, the family is still fighting Blac Chyna in a court of law over the cancelation of Rob and Chyna following the couple's split.

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