Scott Disick Reportedly Torn Between Sofia Richie And Kourtney Kardashian - He Has Feelings For Both!

Scott Disick Reportedly Torn Between Sofia Richie And Kourtney Kardashian - He Has Feelings For Both!
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According to new reports, Scott Disick hasn’t been able to forget his baby mama Kourtney Kardashian! That’s not to say he’s not attracted to his current girlfriend, model Sofia Richie! Allegedly, the Lord is caught between these two women that he finds beautiful and just plain amazing!

One source tells HollywoodLife that Scott is very conflicted about these two great women in his life.

As you know, aside from being in a pretty serious relationship with the young model, Scott Disick also spends a lot of time with his baby mama, both because they both appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but also because they co-parent their three kids.

Now an insider shares with the outlet that ‘Scott feels stuck in the middle between the incredible women, both of whom he really loves and feels a strong attraction to. On one side is his sweet, loving and devoted girlfriend Sofia. Scott feels like she helped him turn his life around, he  loves her and credits her with a lot of the happiness that he has today.’

They went on to claim that the man really wants to be there for Sofia all the time but ‘it is hard when he feels the pull from Kourtney and their family. Scott’s feelings for Kourtney are still deep in his heart, and it makes him feel good when she invites him around.’

Apparently, being stuck between two women that he loves is really challenging.

The source pointed out that there is still a lot of chemistry between him and Kourtney and that he hasn’t stopped loving her.

This became especially obvious to him during Thanksgiving when they celebrated together with the rest of the KarJenners.

As a result, the insider says that while he may be pretty devoted to Sofia for now, Scott thinks reuniting with Kourtney one day is not completely out of the question either.


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