Scott Disick Regrets Taking Sofia Richie 'For Granted' - Isn't Doing Well Without Her, Source Says!

Scott Disick Regrets Taking Sofia Richie 'For Granted' - Isn't Doing Well Without Her, Source Says!
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According to some insider reports, Scott Disick misses Sofia Richie a lot now that they are no longer in a romantic relationship. That being said, the man is not ready to let her go and instead, he is determined to win her back by ‘fixing himself' first.

This is what an unnamed source tells HollywoodLife about the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and how he’s been dealing with the split from the much younger model.

It’s already been weeks since they broke up and the insider assured everyone that Scott is not doing too well without Sofia in his life.

'Scott would love to hear from Sofia. He misses her and he's now realizing how life's without her. He's remembering all of the good times and all the fun they had on vacations, on nights out, and in. He misses her personality and her sense of humor and misses how she was always there for him and he's now realizing that he took it for granted,’ they shared with HollywoodLife.

The insider then went on to say that ‘once he fixes himself, he's very interested in trying to get her back. Until then, he feels like they will always be connected one way or another because they've shared so much. But he would definitely like to be with Sofia again — and if they do not get back together, Sofia would end up being the ‘one that got away.’'

When it comes to the model, she also treasures the years they had together and is well aware they will always be in each other’s lives at least as friends.

For the time being, she really wishes Scott nothing but the best.

As far as reconciliation is concerned, however, only time will tell if she’ll take him back or not as at this point she doesn’t even know herself for sure!

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