Scott Disick Plans To Relocate To Malibu With Sofia Richie - Says The Model Has Made Him A Better Person!

Scott Disick Plans To Relocate To Malibu With Sofia Richie - Says The Model Has Made Him A Better Person!
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Scott Disick and Sofia Richie continue to be very happy and in love together and now, the man is opening up about his significant other and the effect she’s apparently had on him! Scott revealed that the model has made him a better person!

This was shared in a Flip it Like Disick sneak peek which shows the couple talking about his house and how that space has also transformed since he and the young model have started dating.

‘When I moved in, the house did not look like that. It looked like a bachelor pad,’ Sofia reminds her man in the clip.

Later on, during a camera interview, Scott gets into more detail about the way Sofia has managed to change him.

‘I think it’s hard to find someone that you can be comfortable with and the truth was, that without her, I was looking for somebody or something all the time. She has definitely been that little piece that has calmed me down and has made me a better man, making things easier in my life.’ Aww….

As you may remember, the two were first rumored to be romantically involved at the beginning of 2017, something they confirmed in September of that same year with some PDA pics.

The sneak peek for his upcoming reality TV show also has Kourtney Kardashian’s ex mentioning that he and Sofia live together and that he is thinking of moving to Malibu.

‘I love Malibu. I would be down to move to Malibu any day. I think that it would be fun to move because maybe I could put my touches on some things,’ Sofia tells Scott as he says to her: ‘You just want big closets.’

‘I would just like some involvement,’ she notes as he agrees. ‘Because this is very you. This is very manly, Scott bachelor pad.’

Disick then argues that it’s because he’s had it since before meeting her.

‘I feel like it would be nice to start over now that I think about it,’ Sofia says regarding their potential move together to Malibu.


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