Scott Disick Might "End Up Dead!" Inside His Fight with Kris Jenner

Scott Disick Might "End Up Dead!" Inside His Fight with Kris Jenner

Keeping up with the Kardashians trouble boyfriend may have gone too far this time and it’s worse than ever!

A couple of days ago, the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s three children, Mason, Penelope and Reign has been photographed meeting women in Miami and according to a source close to the Kardashian clan this is a sign that he is close to hitting rock bottom.

“Scott is on a sad downward spiral and it is not going to end well,” stated the insider. “Right now he is not responding to anyone’s calls or texts.”

Scott Disick who has been in an on again, off again relationship with Kourtney for over a decade decided to go after her to Costa Rica after they had another fight.

“Scott went to Costa Rica with the intentions of making everything better with Kourtney, but when he arrived he was already drunk and reeking like booze,” claimed the insider.

According to the source, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian realized immediately that something was not right with Disick because he was “so spun out” and so they got the keys to his hotel room and, once inside, discovered that he’d been up to his old tricks again!

“When Kris and Kim went into his room, there was some random chick in there and the room was filled with booze and other signs of a party. Kris told him that she could not believe that he would do this on their family vacation. Scott basically told Kris that she could go f*** herself!”

“Scott packed up his stuff after getting into a screaming match with Kris and Kim and security was called to escort him out. He got onto a plane and they haven’t spoken to him since!”

The last time he cheated on Kourtney big time he ended up in rehab.

“Scott is really tempting fate right now and he knows this,” the source claimed. “Sadly, it seems like is only a matter of time before his actions catch up with him and friends fear if he keeps going like this he will end up dead.”


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