Scott Disick Is Reportedly In Love With Sofia Richie's Passionate Personality

Scott Disick Is Reportedly In Love With Sofia Richie's Passionate Personality

Fans have been claiming that Sofia Richie started to look more and more like a Kardashian, especially since she showed off her booty just recently. Latest rumors have been claiming that she got a bigger booty to look like a Kardashian, but the truth is that she might have just been working out more.

She recently posted a juicy photo on her Instagram account on November 5th.

This has people asking about whether or not she had some work done to her booty, just like the Kardashian sisters have.

The photo is an ad for a clothing company A’GACI, and in the pic, Sofia can be seen modeling a soft gray one piece that includes some figure-flattering pants that highlight her trunk which definitely looks fuller.

An insider close to the couple spoke on how Scott feels about this new look that Sofia has been showing off online. Here's what the source told Hollywood Life.

'Scott is totally turned on by Sofia’s Kardashian-like butt,' the insider said.

'They have amazing chemistry together, and Scott feels she has only become sexier since they’ve started dating,' the same source continued.

'He also loves her passionate personality,' the insider explained. 'He feels like they share a heartfelt and emotional connection. He is really in love with everything about her.'

More than a year has passed since Scott and Sofia began dating.

In the beginning, people did not give them too much credit, considering Scott's past with women, but now, close friends and people, in general, have been taking this couple more seriously.

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