Scott Disick - Here's How He Reacted To Girlfriend Sofia Richie’s Revealing Vacation Pics!

Scott Disick - Here's How He Reacted To Girlfriend Sofia Richie’s Revealing Vacation Pics!
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As fans know, Sofia Richie joined Kylie Jenner on a girls’ trip to the Turks and Caicos without her boyfriend Scott Disick. That being said, while having the time of her life alongside female friends, the model let loose and modeled a number of bathing suits, the hot pics making their way to social media.

So what was Scott’s reaction to those sultry photos? One source tells HollywoodLife that he definitely has no problem with her showing off her body on Instagram.

‘Scott did have some FOMO when he saw Sofia’s sexy bikini pictures but he did not react the way he would have a few years ago.  The old Scott would have pulled some drama, like running off to Miami with his boys for a big party binge but now, no reaction. He just stayed home and hung out with his kids and worked.’

The insider went on to explain that: ‘It shows how far he’s come and how healthy their relationship is. It’s not codependent at all, more than anything he was just very happy that Sofia was having fun with Kylie and the girls.’

Of course, it’s also proof of how close Sofia has become with the Kar-Jenners.

Ever since she joined Scott, Kourtney and their kids on a trip to Mexico, the young model has pretty much managed to become part of the clan!

Now, she is hanging out more and more with Kylie who is closer in age to her and it sounds like the two have been doing a lot of bonding.

A previous source told the news outlet that ‘Sofia was thrilled to be invited to Kylie’s girls trip in celebration of her skincare line.  She feels really grateful she's been able to have the time to relax and unwind with Kylie and it is a great way for the two to reconnect.’

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