Scott Disick - Here's How He Feels About The Criticism Over His And Amelia Hamlin's Age Gap

Scott Disick - Here's How He Feels About The Criticism Over His And Amelia Hamlin's Age Gap
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It is a well known fact, at this point, that Scott Disick seems to have a type and that is 19 year olds! Ever since it became official that Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy is dating teenage model Amelia Hamlin, many have been slamming him, some even calling Scott a 'predator!'

But how does the 37 year old feel about the backlash over their massive age gap?

This comes after Amelia called Scott her 'dream man,' sparking a lot of criticism, especially since he doesn't even follow her on social media!

Furthermore, this is not the first time that he is dating a 19 year old, his ex girlfriend, Sofia Richie, having been that exact age as well when they started dating.

Now, one insider tells HollywoodLife that 'Scott isn’t bothered by the backlash to their relationship, he really couldn’t care less what people think. All that matters to him is what his inner circle thinks. His friends and loved ones are fine with it and his kids really like Amelia so that’s what counts to him.'

'The rest of it is just noise. He’s been having a great time with Amelia, he really likes her, and the relationship is the real deal. It has nothing to do with trying to get attention, that’s not something Scott would do, he doesn’t live his life that way. As far as he is concerned the haters are going to find a way to hate no matter what he does so he’s living his life and not thinking about what outsiders have to say.'

Another source also told the news outlet that Scott did not really want to start a serious relationship after his split from Sofia.


He just wanted to date more women and have fun but he's been having such a blast with Amelia that they are now exclusive.

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