Scott Disick ‘Flattered’ By Fans' Interest In His Romance With Sofia Richie Amid Rumors She Is Ready To Dump Him!

Scott Disick ‘Flattered’ By Fans' Interest In His Romance With Sofia Richie Amid Rumors She Is Ready To Dump Him!

We have learned what Scott Disick thinks about all of the attention he and his girlfriend Sofia Richie have been getting amid the rumors that their relationship is slowly crumbling. Apparently, the interest fans have been showing in their personal life doesn’t bother him too much. In fact, he is flattered by it!

‘I guess it is kind of flattering that people care. It isn’t like I am mad about it. Everybody is worried about something. Everybody’s worried about other people’s things, so it is fine,’ he explained during an interview.

Considering he was part of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians for almost a decade, it only makes sense that he is used to all of the attention.

Although Scott is a pretty controversial person and is known for hooking up with many young beautiful women, since last year, he has been completely devoted to Sofia.

Even though their age difference is no less than 15 years, they still made it work.

They were spotted by the paparazzi spending time together a lot, be it only having a walk together or relaxing at the beach.

Lately, however, rumors have been going around that Sofia is ready to finally put an end to the unlikely romance.

The reason? - His obsession with his baby mama Kourtney Kardashian which has been so bad that he managed to influence Sofia into changing her look until becoming a copy of Kourt.

But even amid this news, they still have been caught hanging out together.

As for Scott’s relationship with his ex, the two are keeping civil for the sake of their three kids even though things between them are still complicated sometimes.

Do you think Scott is actually bothered by people's interest in his and Sofia's personal lives considering he is about to get dumped?

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