Scott Disick And Sofia Richie Reportedly Split Because Of Tensions Caused By The Quarantine!

Scott Disick And Sofia Richie Reportedly Split Because Of Tensions Caused By The Quarantine!
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Amid reports that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are over, one insider report claims to know what led to their split, even though it seemed like they were doing really well! Apparently, the quarantine was what affected their romance the most!

Supposedly, the pair would have a lot of ‘petty’ disagreements and so they chose to have a break instead of continuing to fight during this lockdown.

At this point, there have been countless reports and rumors regarding their alleged breakup but neither the Talentless founder, nor the model have addressed it.

One insider however, tells HollywoodLife that ‘It’s an open secret that they are on a break. There is just a certain amount one person can take and Sofia reached various tipping points throughout her time with Scott that made things worse. They have always found the way back to each other, but for now, things are strained to say the least.’

The two were in quarantine together but ever since Scott checked out of rehab, they have not been in each other’s company at all!

Furthermore, it seems like Sofia is really taking the break seriously since she even failed to wish Scott a happy birthday, which only added to the public’s suspicions that they are no longer together.

The source went on to also mention that the two would often disagree about the 21 year old model’s role in Scott’s life.

Apparently, ‘She never wanted to seem like she was riding his coattails and celebrity with his connection to the Kardashians, and she never wanted to be on the show. She wanted to be her own person and that was a constant discussion between the two of how to navigate it all. As much as she loves his kids, Sofia isn’t in a place to act as stepmom-figure right now, and that just added more stress.’

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