Scott Disick And Sofia Richie - Inside Their Plans For The Future!

Scott Disick And Sofia Richie - Inside Their Plans For The Future!
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Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have been dating each other for two years and they seem just as in love if not more! That being said, are they planning on taking the next step in their relationship or not?

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘things are great’ for the pair and they are definitely still going strong!

Is a wedding and starting a family in their plans? This is what most fans have been wondering.

As it turns out, you shouldn’t get your hopes up – not because they don’t love each other but because they don’t want to change a perfectly good thing.

The insider dished that ‘Scott and Sofia have no plans to get married anytime soon. They are both perfectly happy with where they are in their relationship and are in no rush. Things are great now and Sofia is not even thinking about kids as she knows she is really young.’

‘She loves Scott’s kids, but jokes that she is happy when she gets to hand them back and have her alone time with Scott. It is honestly a nice balance for Scott, too. Scott and Sofia love their alone time very much, and they love to just pick up food and hang out in their backyard with friends alone,’ they went on to say.

The young model is well aware that she is not even close to ready to start a family but that is not to say she doesn’t love hanging with her pals’ kids. That is all, however!

As for tying the knot, it is something they’ve discussed before and have actually agreed it’s not something they want or need for the time being.

Sofia is not ready to get married either, even though she wants to spend her whole life with Scott.

The reason why marriage is not in the cards? The model wants to focus on her career and is really busy.

Besides, she really doesn’t need a ring to be happy.


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