Scott Baio Shares Celebrity Updates On Twitter As California Wildfires Continue

Scott Baio Shares Celebrity Updates On Twitter As California Wildfires Continue
Source: Scott Baio/Twitter

Scott Baio ( Arrested Development, Happy Days, See Dad Run ) is providing updates on several of his celebrity friends and animals in jeopardy due to the California wildfires. As the nation is left reeling over the shocking devastation experienced in Butte, Ventura, and LA counties, many are surprised to see that the destruction is hitting everyone including the poor and rich alike. While actor James Woods has provided a bulletin board of sorts for everyday people in need of finding loved ones, Scott Baio has shared several pertinent updates on celebrities who are also battling the blaze.

The death toll in both Southern and Northern California wildfires has risen to 11 and it is expected it will continue to rise.

Earlier, Scott Baio tweeted that actor Robert Hays ( Airplane ) lost his home in the Woolsey fire that has wreaked catastrophic damage in Malibu. Between the three main fires that were burning: Woolsey, Hill, and Camp, more than 200,000 people have evacuated. The city of Paradise, California has been obliterated.

The California wildfires are now the worst in the state's history and are expected to continue burning.

In addition to Robert Hays, Scott Baio has shared pertinent information regarding Martin Sheen after Charlie Sheen tweeted that he was desperately searching for his parents (both Martin Sheen and Janet Sheen are safe) and also shared that their home is also in danger. He may be evacuating as well.

As the Thousand Oaks mass shooting happened the day before the Camp Fire and residents were soon evacuated as the Wooley Fire broke out, Baio shared heartbreaking news.

He revealed that one of their church's youth staff members was killed in the Borderline shooting.

Those who are following the latest news regarding the California wildfires may want to follow actor James Woods.  He has created two hashtags that are being used as a clearinghouse for missing person's information, shelters, assistance for people in need of transportation, help for animals and more.

You may see James Woods' official Twitter below. James Woods has created two hashtags that help keep the tweets organized: #SoCalFiresJamesWoods and #CampFireJamesWoods.

Are you following the latest in the California wildfires? Have you seen celebrities share photos of the damage or provide updates on their friends and community?

The Woolsey Fire is fast moving. At this time there is no word if Scott Baio and his family joined other celebrities by evacuating their family home.


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