Scott Baio Releases Audio Files — Says They Prove Nicole Eggert And Alex Polinsky Set Him Up

Scott Baio Releases Audio Files — Says They Prove Nicole Eggert And Alex Polinsky Set Him Up
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Scott Baio has been in the fight for his life for over two years. Hit with allegations he sexually assaulted Nicole Eggert and exposed himself to Alex Polinsky when they were minors on the set of Charles in Charge, Scott Baio has been declaring his innocence since January 2018. He was never investigated, never charged, and never even spoke to authorities. He hasn't been convicted of a crime, yet many have convicted him in the court of public opinion. For two and a half years, Scott Baio has been fighting back, and now, he says he has the evidence that clears his name and proves that Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky set him up.

Sharing audio recordings of Alex Polinsky speaking, Scott states that in October 2017, when several Charles in Charge cast members journeyed to the Chiller Theater Expo, a devious plot was hatched. The plan was "Takedown Baio" and it consisted of allegations that Scott Baio sexually assaulted Nicole Eggert and they would go public with the allegations. The timing was consistent with the start of the Me Too movement. Alexander Polinsky backed up her story — no one else from the show publicly did. Scott pointed out how Nicole's story changed multiple times. He showed evidence that she wasn't a minor when Charles in Charge ended and even showed the public proof of Nicole saying she did have consensual sex with Scott Baio — before she told a different story, one of rape.

The court of public opinion has been mixed but now, after listening to the audiotapes and reading an article published by Scott's PR man, Brian Glicklich, more people are speaking out in Scott's defense.

Nicole released a statement via FB where she accused Scott Baio of further abusing her by presenting the audio recordings and through Brian Glicklich's article that they say was the result of two years of investigating Nicole's and Alex's claims. Nicole Eggert has yet to address any of the statements Brian Glicklich or Scott Baio presented.

You may hear the first audio file of Alexander Polinsky speaking about Nicole Eggert being a "liability" as he discussed her integrity below.

After Scott Baio released the audio files, Nicole Eggert put her Twitter account on private. Alexander Polinsky hasn't released a statement regarding Scott Baio's accusations and the recording's release.

Scott released a second audio file You may hear it below.

Scott Baio didn't mince words when he shared the article written by Brian Glicklich. He referred to Nicole Eggert as #fakemetoo and called both Nicole and Alex Polinsky liars. Brian Glicklich addressed Nicole Eggert's FB statement in his amended article that you may see below.

Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky aren't the only ones who received Scott's vehement rebuke. He also called out Dr. Oz and said that Nicole Eggert's had so many holes in it, she never should have been on the program.

You may see that article below.

What do you think about Scott Baio's audio releases and Brian Glicklich's article? Do you believe that Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky set Scott Baio up by presenting a false or fake Me Too story?

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