Scott Baio Denies Molestation Charges From Nicole Eggert

Scott Baio Denies Molestation Charges From Nicole Eggert
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Scott Baio, formerly of Charles In Charge, took to Facebook Live today to denounce the accusations made against him by his old co-star, Nicole Eggert. In a series of tweets made by the 46-year-old actress on Saturday, Nicole said that the 57-year-old actor had "molested" her over and over again from when she was 14 until about 17.

The tweets started with Nicole telling her followers to ask the reality star what had happened in the garage of his home when she was a minor. She also called him a "creep." Nicole, who had a role in Baywatch, referred to herself as the victim of repeated molestation.

Nicole claimed Scott performed oral sex on her when she was a 14-year-old girl. However, Scott vehemently denied the allegations. Baio responded that he was "about to do a Facebook live" to prove his innocence and her lies.

As for why he chose Facebook Live, Scott said he wanted to use that medium only because no one can edit it or take the things he says out of context.

In summation, Scott claimed it wasn't him who was the perpetrator. The actor-turned-reality-star said it was she who seduced him once she turned 18-years-old, meaning they had begun a consensual relationship when she was the legal age.

In defense of his actions which some would say were immoral due to the large age gap, he explained that any man in a similar position would've done the same thing because she was young and attractive, and sexually aggressive towards him.

Baio claims she "came in the house and started kissing (him)." Additionally, Eggert planned to be on the Dr. Oz show where she would reveal tales of victimization, but Baio's legal team sent a "persuasive letter," and her appearance was subsequently canceled.

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