Scott Baio Calls Out Dr. Oz For Nicole Eggert Interview — 'She's Demanding Money From Oz'

Scott Baio Calls Out Dr. Oz For Nicole Eggert Interview — 'She's Demanding Money From Oz'
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On July 3, 2020, PR specialist and close friend of Scott Batio, Brian Glicklich, wrote a lengthy article on Medium where he addressed claims made by Nicole Eggert and Alexander Polinsky that they were sexually and emotionally abused by Scott Baio during their time filming the 80s sitcom Charles in Charge . Scott was never charged, never convicted of a crime, and he wasn't even interviewed regarding the allegations yet they went viral and have wreaked havoc on his life and the life of his family. Since January 27, 2018, when Nicole shared an incriminating tweet alleging she had been abused, Scott has been fighting to prove his innocence. Now, he's defending himself with everything he has and hasn't hesitated to call both Nicole and Alex liars. He refers to Nicole as having a fake me too story.

Though Nicole's tweet went viral, her story received more attention when she appeared on Dr. Oz but things didn't go as planned.

Brian Gliclich lays out the story in his article and tells how after the show was in talks with Alex Polinsky, it became evident they wanted a bigger story  — a Me Too moment as that would be a ratings' success. Brian also released several audio recordings, including one where Alex Polinsky was on record saying that Nicole Eggert was demanding money from Dr. Oz. Renee Baio, Scott Baio's wife of 13 years, described Nicole's allegations as nothing more than a pay grab and emphatically announced that Nicole won't receive a dime from them. Alex Polinsky hasn't responded to Brian Glicklich's article or addressed the audio recordings that Scott Baio released.

Brian Glicklich stated that Nicole's demanding money should have been a red flag that something was off with her story. He painted a picture of a financially in-need Nicole who had filed bankruptcy several times and came up with a way to make some money. He also pointed to several problems with her story including the age of the alleged abuse.

Brian went on to say the reason Nicole Eggert appeared on Dr. Oz solo was because Willie Aames and Alexander Polinsky were dismayed by her demand for money. Though Willie Aames wanted to support Nicole and Alex, Brian states that he never witnessed any on-set abuse.

You may read Brian Glicklich's full article and the reasons he says Dr. Oz should have backed out of the interview with Nicole Eggert below.

Scott Baio continues to point to Nicole Eggert's changing stories as proof that she is lying.

Did you read Brian Glicklich's full article? What do you think about the points he's making? Nicole Eggert has since put her Twitter account on private and hasn't responded to Scott Baio's and Brian Glicklich's recent allegations.

You may see the press conference Nicole Eggert and Alexander Polinsky held with Lisa Bloom below. Scott Baio has denied every allegation against him.

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