Scott Baio Calls On LAPD, District Attorney To Investigate And Prosecute Nicole Eggert And Alex Polinsky After Audio Accuses Willie Aames Of Exposing Himself

Scott Baio Calls On LAPD, District Attorney To Investigate And Prosecute Nicole Eggert And Alex Polinsky After Audio Accuses Willie Aames Of Exposing Himself
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Scott Baio continues to release audio recordings in his fight against allegations that he sexually assaulted and emotionally abused Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky when they were minors on the set of the 80s sitcom Charles in Charge . On Saturday, Scott released another audio recording along with a personal statement, where he called upon the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and District Attorney to investigate and prosecute Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky for allegedly making a false police report. Scott Baio addressed one of Alex Polinsky's most disturbing claims against him — that he cut a hole in the fabric of a makeshift-changing room and exposed his genitals to him when he was a minor. In a new audio recording that Scott Baio released, it was alleged that Willie Aames was the one who committed the act— not Scott Baio.

Alex Polinsky made the accusations during a joint press conference held on February 14, 2018, with his and Nicole Eggert's attorney Lisa Bloom.

At the time of the press conference, Scott Baio released a statement where he denied the allegations and said the following.

"For reasons I don’t understand, I am the target of false claims that threaten everything that is important in my life. I am hurt and I am angry, but mostly, I am stunned that anybody can be so cruel to attack not just me, but my family."

You may see that press conference below.

On July 11, 2020, after Scott Baio released an audio recording of a witness who stated that it was Willie Aames and not Scott Baio who exposed himself to Alexander Polinsky, Scott Baio stated the following.

"I have known Willie Aames for more than 40 years and thought of him as a friend. We have worked together many times. I'm shocked and disappointed to discover that he lied to Alex Polinsky and blamed me for what he had done. I had no recollection of this incident until my investigator located our witness, who gave police a statement. I have subsequently learned that Willie's actions were reported to the executive producer of the show and were investigated by Human resources.

"These accusations made against me are both false and inexcusable. We have examined Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky's actions for more than two years and the deeper we look, the more falsehoods like this we find. I am calling on the Los Angeles Police and District Attorney to investigate and prosecute Eggert and Polinsky for making a false police report."

Here is the audio recording that Scott Baio released where a witness alleges that it was Willie Aames who exposed himself to Alex Polinsky and not Scott Baio.

Brian Glicklich, Scott Baio's public relations, and digital strategist wrote an article for Medium where he addressed the allegations against Scott.

At this point, Willie Aames hasn't addressed allegations he exposed himself to Alex Polinsky. Additionally, Nicole Eggert nor Alex Polinsky have addressed the recordings, Scott Baio's tweets, or Brian Glicklich's recent article addressing the allegations that Nicole and Alex levied against Scott.

What do you think about the new audio recording? Do you believe the LAPD should investigate Alex Polinsky and Nicole Eggert for filing a false police report?

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  • Andy
    Andy Jan 22, 2021 4:37 AM PST

    It’s People like this and people like Melody Hiebert Sarah Jones in association with #Wilhoitproperties that turn people into victims. All the while the system screws them over again and again, just repeatedly victimizing someone who’s already been violated. I’ve seen firsthand what this injustice, this unfairness can do to someone. I don’t really understand it all but I feel like I’m being punished for something I didn’t do too by having to watch a loved ones life ebb away from them. It’s not just the family and friends of the wrongly accused that suffer from situations like this but it’s also family and friends of that victim. Cops won’t do anything, yet they never give a reason, logical or otherwise-as to why they won’t take action. What the hell, if authorities would ever bother to just ask a few questions, knowing the way the police interrogate the real victim here, the real perp would fess up within the first hour. All the evidence is there, we did their job for them. Easy as 123. Open shut case. No jury trial necessary..... what in hell is their problem? As I write this now I can’t promise I won’t do something about this myself, take justice into my own hands. Vigilantism, yes. But what else can you do after months and months of nothingness? The victim’s already fallen to pieces so what do I do now? Just keep watching waiting hoping someone will stop using covid19 as an excuse and do their job? Wait until she kills herself? I might as well Give them a sample of what it’s like to get beat down in the presumed sanctity of your own home. I guess I really don’t have much to lose, Since this happened my life’s been💩 too. Nothing’s okay anymore. She’ll eventually die and then what...? I’m still stuck here suffering from what didn’t even happen to me personally but might as well have. I wish those bitches would get locked up. Too bad bitches like them live forever, they never die, do they? We don’t allow rabid animals to run amok do we? But we allow dangerous people in our neighborhoods? Too bad we can’t euthanize humans. Humans even have the bonus of logic yet they still continue violating other’s rights. Criminals should be held accountable and one day maybe Sarah h Jones Mustang Oklahoma Melody Hiebert and Wilhoitproperties will reap the consequences of their unlawful actions. Pray God But now that I’m considering the idea, hey euthanasia just might be a very real option.I don’t mind watching someone pay for their crimes. Fair Is fair, people. The Bible even says it. Eye for an eye. Hard labor incarcerated in North Korea wouldn’t even be enough. Unless those bitches got tortured In every way possible, day after day, week after week, month after month, just like they unlawfully did to someone else. Mehhh I wouldn’t dare do anything to those skanky bitches. Course I’d say it if I was. Please make sure those criminals pay for their crimes. They never even let up- week after week- they kept on and on and on just like my story

  • Preston Shuman
    Preston Shuman Jul 12, 2020 9:38 PM PDT

    Of course LAPD should look into. Filing a false police report and falsely accusing somebody of a horrible crime should be aggressively look into to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  • Venus Russell
    Venus Russell Jul 12, 2020 8:46 AM PDT

    Lock up Alexander Polinsky and Nicole Eggert!

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