Scooter Braun Praises Taylor Swift's New Album Lover Following Their Master Recordings Feud

Scooter Braun Praises Taylor Swift's New Album Lover Following Their Master Recordings Feud
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According to a report from USAToday, Scooter Braun is praising Taylor Swift's latest record, Lover, despite their previous beef over his purchase of the singer-songwriter's back catalog with Big Machine Records.

Today, on Friday, Scooter took to his Twitter account to congratulate Taylor for her new album, even though they've publicly feuded in the last 2 months. As it was previously reported, Scooter Braun purchased her master recordings when he bought her old record label, Big Machine Records, from Scott Borchetta.

Paraphrasing what Scooter said on Twitter, Braun described Taylor as the type of person who has been "believer" and who takes big bets on herself. He described her newest record as "brilliant," and included several hashtags including "#brilliantcampaign" as well as "#brilliantalbum."

Back in June, Swift and Scooter got into it on social media, prompting other celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Halsey to take sides in the ensuing feud. Braun is the manager of some of the biggest acts of the day, including Kanye West, Ariana Grande, and the aforementioned Justin Bieber.

Swift took to her Tumblr account following the news of his purchase of her back catalog and accused Scooter and Scott Borchetta of colluding together to control her music and thus, her person. Furthermore, Swift wasn't happy that she wasn't given the same opportunity to buy her back catalog in the same way that Scooter was.

It was later revealed that Taylor did have a chance to get her music back, however, it was offered in a six-album deal, where she would record six more albums with Big Machine Records in exchange for ownership of her first six records.

Taylor said on social media that it wasn't the right move for her, so she got a different record contract. Earlier this week, Taylor announced she would re-record her first six albums so she could own the rights to her music.

However, a music industry expert who spoke with Page Six claimed this wasn't feasible, because Swift technically doesn't own her previous songs unless she changed the lyrics.

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