Schitt's Creek's Final Season Will Be A 'Love Letter' To Fans Says Creator And Star Dan Levy

Schitt's Creek's Final Season Will Be A 'Love Letter' To Fans Says Creator And Star Dan Levy
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The popular Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek is kicking off its sixth and final season this week, and Dan Levy says that fans will be happy with how the story ends. The 36-year-old - who created the show with his dad, Eugene Levy - says that ending something is a daunting task, but the way the story came to him was so organic, writing the final episodes was simple and easy.

Schitt’s Creek features Dan Levy (David), Eugene Levy (Johnny), Catherine O’Hara (Moira), and Annie Murphy (Alexis) as the Rose family, who were once extremely wealthy. But, they lost everything due to a corrupt business manager, and ended up in a small town that Johnny bought David in the early 1990s as a joke.

The Roses had to start over when they arrived in Schitt’s Creek (the name of the town), and over five seasons they have grown in unexpected ways while finding their love for each other. The series has received high praise for the writing and for the amazing performances (it received four Emmy nominations last year and just received more noms for this year’s SAG awards). It’s also stood out because the town of Schitt’s Creek is void of prejudice, which is something never done before on TV.

Dan Levy admits he has felt “nervous” about fans seeing the final season because he cares so much about the quality of the show.

“The nerves are just excitement for people to watch this last chapter and hopefully enjoy it and be moved by it in the same ways that we were shooting it and making it,” Levy told People magazine. “I think the fans will be very pleased with how this story ends.”

Levy said that he has known for quite some time how he wanted to end the show, and he wanted to thoughtfully and carefully lay the groundwork for the end of the series in a way that felt easy, instead of it feeling like they were backloading a ton of info on people.

Levy explained that he watched the series finales of shows he really loved, and analyzed what made him love them and why they worked. He said the common thread was the final season had to build to an inevitable conclusion. And, that conclusion gave fans what they wanted, but also gave them something they didn’t know they wanted.

Dan Levy doesn’t want anything to be expected, and he called the last season is “a love letter” to Schitt’s Creek fans and the show’s characters.

Schitt’s Creek Season 6 premieres Tuesday, January 7th on PopTV.


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