Schitt's Creek Star Emily Hampshire Promises Fans A 'Perfect' Series Finale

Schitt's Creek Star Emily Hampshire Promises Fans A 'Perfect' Series Finale
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Schitt’s Creek fans aren’t ready to see the beloved Canadian sitcom come to an end after six seasons, but star Emily Hampshire is promising a “perfect” series finale on Tuesday night. Hampshire, who plays Rosebud Motel co-owner Stevie Budd on the series, says that she can say with “100 percent certainty” that people will be satisfied with how the show ends.

“It’s not one of those finales where you watch it and are disappointed by the ending. People might be sad the show is ending, but it ends so perfectly,” Hampshire told The New York Post.

Hampshire also shared that there is an Easter egg in the finale scene that fans can watch for. She says it was the final scene that was shot, and it was the last scene where everyone was together. The actress says that there is a lot going on for the actors - not just the show - when they said goodbye to each other.

Dan Levy (David Rose) and his dad, comedy legend Eugene Levy (Johnny Rose), created the Emmy-nominated ensemble series about a wealthy family who suddenly loses all of their money due to a corrupt business manager, and that forces them to live in the town of Schitt’s Creek in a rundown motel.

The series premiered in 2015, and it also stars Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose and Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose. Throughout the series, the family has gotten closer and the spoiled adult children have turned into responsible humans. It turns out that losing all their money might have been the best thing that ever happened to the family.

In addition to the Rose family, the Schitt’s Creek locals bring a lot of charm to the series, like Hampshire’s Stevie Budd. That character has transformed from a quiet, flannel-wearing cynic to a more well-rounded person who is best friends with David.

“I find it remarkable with Stevie, as opposed to most characters who grow and evolve and change, I think Stevie is like one of those Russian [nesting] dolls — she opened up more like an onion,” says Hampshire.

The Schitt’s Creek series finale airs Tuesday night, April 7th, on Pop TV and sister networks Comedy Central and Logo. The longer episode (followed by a one-hour documentary) airs one hour earlier than its normal time. The first five seasons of Schitt’s Creek are available for streaming on Netflix.


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