Schitt's Creek Star Dan Levy Asks Fans To Rethink The Reason Why They Should Wear Masks

Schitt's Creek Star Dan Levy Asks Fans To Rethink The Reason Why They Should Wear Masks
Credit: Source: Twitter

Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy is urging his fans to rethink their reasoning behind wearing a mask amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The actor took to Instagram this week with a passionate plea for his 1.8 million followers, telling the ones who are opposed to wearing a mask that they should consider changing how they think about the act.

Levy urged mask dissenters to not think about wearing a mask as an “infringement on your freedom.” Instead, the 36-year-old asked them to see it as the “simplest, easiest act of kindness that you can do in a day.”

"I've been seeing a lot of viral videos about people who are actively not wearing masks because they perceive it to be an infringement on their freedom," said Levy. "I suppose, in a way I can understand the frustration of being told what to do, which is why I would like to propose a re-contextualization of this whole thing."

Levy asked his followers to wear a mask not just for themselves, but for others who might have autoimmune issues. He explained that people with autoimmune issues who contract the novel coronavirus might have “some devastating repercussions.”

The Schitt’s Creek creator said that if you have the freedom to leave your house - and if you have good health to go out into the world - then you should make wearing a mask your “good deed for the day and do something nice for yourself and other people.”

Levy’s sister and Schitt’s Creek costar Sarah Levy wrote “So good” in the comments section of the post, and Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan showed her support by writing “Thank you Mr. Levy.”

Actress Elizabeth Perkins wrote that as a Type 1 diabetic, she was thankful for Levy’s message, Kristin Ritter simply wrote “love you,” and Mary Steenburgen posted red heart emojis.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started shutting things down back in March, the CDC originally did not recommend face masks, saying that they should be saved for frontline workers. But in April, they changed their tune and recommended that Americans should wear a cover over their face when they leave home.

The data still still isn’t clear about the need for masks, and enforcing any kind of face mask policy would bring immense challenges to law enforcement and lawmakers. The CDC also recently changed their official position on the spread of the virus via surfaces. Earlier this week, they revealed that it’s extremely rare for the virus to spread by simply touching surfaces, which is contrary to the organization’s original position.


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