Schitt's Creek Gives David Rose A Happy Ending, As Fans React To The Series Finale

Schitt's Creek Gives David Rose A Happy Ending, As Fans React To The Series Finale
Credit: Source: Twitter

This finale was Simply The Best . After six seasons, Schitt’s Creek came to an end on Tuesday night , and the last episode featured David Rose (Dan Levy) getting his happy ending. The beloved Canadian sitcom built a passionate fan base in recent years, and the response to the finale on social media proved that the episode wrapped the series up perfectly.

The finale centered around the wedding day of David and Patrick (Noah Reid) before the family goes their separate ways and moves on from their life in Schitt’s Creek. The episode began with David asleep in bed as Moira (Catherine O’Hara), Johnny (Eugene Levy), and Alexis (Annie Murphy) wake him up to let him know that a storm has gotten things “a bit wet” and they must change the wedding venue at the last minute.

“To where? Bob’s garage?” David says, as he expresses his fear of being in a Black Mirror episode. Along with the venue issue, the officiant cancels due to the rain. However, Moira steps in and takes the job because she was “a hit at Pat Sajak’s first wedding.”

David and Patrick decide to make the best of things, but David refuses to get married in Roland’s living room. While Patrick and Stevie (Emily Hampshire) go out to find a new venue, David enjoys Patrick’s wedding gift that he booked weeks in advance: a professional massage at home to help him de-stress.

As the episode unfolds, Moira and Alexis have an emotional moment as they talk about how things are changing, and Alexis even admits that she’s “almost glad” they lost their money. Meanwhile, as David enjoys his massage and the pill he took kicks in, he flips over to an unexpected surprise.

Eventually, the town hall is chosen as the venue, but Patrick is sure David won’t be happy. However, when he and Stevie tell David the news he is surprisingly calm. David then tells his husband-to-be that he just enjoyed his first ever happy ending, believing that Patrick had set it up. But, he absolutely didn’t do that...until he recounted what he said to the masseuse and realized the communication breakdown.

The wedding is a must watch because words can’t describe it - it includes Moira in a papal outfit and Mariah Carey lyrics as vows - and the ending left everyone in tears.

Fans praised the final episode on Twitter, with one fan writing: “'Patrick singing Always Be My Baby as his vows, and David's vows, really killed me. He got his happy ending."

Another fan wrote: “I’m such a wreck that Face ID literally won’t recognize me and unlock my phone. #SchittsFinale.”


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