Scheana Shay Might Stay a Married Woman for a Long Time

Scheana Shay Might Stay a Married Woman for a Long Time

Scheana Shay might stay a married woman long after 2017 has come into being even though the reality TV star has announced her divorce already and would like to get it over with and move on with her life away from Mike Shay.

We know that a California court has already received the decisions in the Scheana Shay and Mike Shay case on December 20 but there is still an issue before the divorce can be finalized. Although most of the people involved in the trial signed the papers, there is still one judge who is yet to put down his signature of approval. In this situation, the broken couple might need to wait up until 6 months for a final answer regarding their divorce processions.

As we have reported previously, the 31 year old, Scheana Shay is the one who filed the divorce papers so as to end her marriage with Mike Shay on November 30. The two had been married for only two years when the woman decided she was sick of her husband’s shenanigans.

Before the divorce papers were filed, the 28 year old, Mike Shay allegedly took out money from their joint account and then disappeared. The papers showed that she listed November 9 as the date they separated – just days before the premiere of the new Vandepump Rules season.

Mike Shay’s friends and band mates claim that she broke up with him in order to help raise the ratings of the show and that the reality show’s cameras are to capture their split and the following situations occurring.

Two years ago, the couple got married despite Scheana knowing he was struggling with addiction. His sobriety was talked about many times especially during season four. We know that at this point, the divorce might have determined Mike to start drinking again and his friends are worried, but his family claims that Mike Shay is still safely sober.


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