Scheana Shay Goes Too Far With The Self-Tanner? - Claps Back At People Accusing Her Of ‘Blackfishing’ In New Pic!

Scheana Shay Goes Too Far With The Self-Tanner? - Claps Back At People Accusing Her Of ‘Blackfishing’ In New Pic!
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Scheana Shay took to social media to talk about fighting racism but, alongside her positive message, there was a pic in which she looked like she was a bit too tanned and was also wearing braids! That being said, users were not too impressed, immediately accusing the reality TV star of ‘blackfishing,’ which is when a non-black person adopts a generally black race esthetic that might be enough to convince people they are at least mixed.

But of course, people know that Scheana Shay is not black so the picture of her in which she was sporting seemingly darker skin than usual, braids and hoop earrings made her thoughtful post about racism feel quite tone death!

This is, of course, too bad since she definitely had good intentions when she announced a fan contest meant to help raise money for ‘non-profit supporting organizations, families, and educators in taking action to disrupt racism in young children.’

The Vanderpump Rules star ’s comment section was soon flooded with comments from people accusing her of trying to wear cornrows in addition to darkening her skin way too much.

‘Omg. blackfishing, seriously?’ one person commented, prompting others to agree writing things like: ‘the thought immediately came to mind,’ and ‘right? Tone deaf much?’

‘You can’t get this color ever n if u do that’s black fishing. Sheena is dark and that’s her color. I am a woman of color and know better than to pull what she is doing.’

In response to the original accuser, Scheana went on to defend herself, saying that ‘My skin isn’t even darkening here. I’m half Mexican and tan. It’s also the lighting. Ask my friend @clintbrandoncave who took the pic! If they saw my vlog too they’d know why I have the braids and they’re called Dutch braids too, also I had to get stitches in my scalp which is the main reason for the 4.’

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