Scheana Marie Comments On Rob Valletta's 'Thirsty' Interview: "I Dodged A Bullet!"

Scheana Marie Comments On Rob Valletta's 'Thirsty' Interview: "I Dodged A Bullet!"
Credit: Source: Bravo

Scheana Marie is thanking the universe that things between her and Rob Valletta never worked out after hearing what he had to say about her and the cast of 'Vanderpump Rules.' The reality star took to social media to express how she feels.

The 'Good as Gold' singer referred her followers to Lala Kent's Instagram Story where she bashed Rob for keeping their names in his mouth whenever he gets the chance to speak on them.

Scheana also added her opinion on the situation: "You’re welcome for all the followers. I know hanging out with us was a lot, I mean, like, a lot, but you didn’t seem to mind when you hit 100K. And congratulations on being able to keep the rented lifestyle going with your new home movie video lifestyle show."

Marie added that she was happy to have  'the validation of knowing that I dodged a m********* bullet with your a**.'

Rob clearly watched as the 'VPR' cast took turns bashing him. When a fan brought it up on his Instagram page, he responded with: "Haha and they wonder why I say they are a    lot. Honestly I like them all but I really think talking bad about other people isn’t a positive way to live and treat others It's better to lift people up I wish them all the best."

Valletta has dug himself into a hole while promoting his new lifestyle reality show with his model girlfriend.

While talking about his past experience on the Bravo hit, he called hanging with some of the cast 'exhausting.'

"I really do like them. But when you get them together, like, it’s a lot. It’s a lot. It’s just a lot and I have to run a company, you know? And, like I said, life’s hard enough as it is and as much as I like them as individuals, being around them is just exhausting."

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