Scheana Marie And Lala Kent Gush About Vanderpump Rules Co-Star James Kennedy's Sober Life

Scheana Marie And Lala Kent Gush About Vanderpump Rules Co-Star James Kennedy's Sober Life
Credit: Source: Bravo

When James Kennedy gets to drinking, he is known for saying the nastiest things to and about his Vanderpump Rules castmates. Fortunately, the DJ's new sober life is impressing some of the ladies of the show.

Scheana Marie for one is surprised that he is sticking to his promise. This is not the first time James has said he was done with alcohol.

She told In Touch Weekly: 'James Kennedy really surprised me this year. He’s been sober for a little over 11 weeks now, going to meetings and all of that and I’m really proud of him…after years of taking a week off or two weeks off and then going crazy again, like he’s really taking his sobriety seriously this time. I love him, but it’s not even like he’s crazy now. He doesn’t want it. He sees how well he’s doing without it and it’s just a different outlook on life.'

Meanwhile, his on-again off-again best friend Lala Kent is also opening up about how great it is that the resident bad boy has committed to the sober life.

When asked on Watch What Happens Live what the status of her and James' friendship was, she said: 'James and I are on really good terms right now. We have a new song that we did together. I think that he’s just thriving in life. And, you know, Raquel comes along with James. So we’re all one big happy family again.'

Recently, Lala's sobriety has been poked at by 50 Cent aka Fofty. The same night she was asked about James she also commented about her past feud with 50 Cent saying that she has receipts that prove that she dinged his ego.

The comment was enough for the rapper to reignite the feud on social media that is still going on offline.

Do you think James is serious about his sobriety?


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