Scary Skinny Paris Jackson's Family Terrified She Will Suffer The Same Fate As Her Famous Father

Scary Skinny Paris Jackson's Family Terrified She Will Suffer The Same Fate As Her Famous Father
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Paris Jackson is rumored to be in a relationship with musician Gabriel Glenn, but her family is worried that it could be a toxic situation. According to a new report, Jackson’s “chemically-induced relationship” with her The Soundflowers bandmate has her family terrified that she will die from drugs, just like her dad, Michael Jackson.

“Paris is so lost right now, and everyone believes that she is doing drugs with Gabriel,” a Jackson family friend told Radar Online. “She is infatuated with him, and the two of them lock themselves in her house and don’t let anyone come in or get near them.”

The insider also claimed that Paris’ grandmother Katherine has not seen this side of Jackson until now, and she is crying over it constantly. The 20-year-old is changing her mind every other minute when it comes to her direction in life, and she “doesn’t know who she is anymore.”

Jackson is making the situation even worse because she is promoting a hard-partying lifestyle on social media. The source says that it is a “sad” situation because the daughter of the late King of Pop is not even 21, but she is photographed at a different bar every night.

The source adds that Jackson has a delusion that she and Glenn are soul mates and they have met several times in past lives.

Jackson isn’t letting anyone come close to her, so they can help, and at this point, it looks like no one can save her from herself. She locks herself inside her home with Glenn and is keeping everything a secret.

Jackson and Glenn do venture out of the house every once in a while. Recently, she watched him perform at The Viper Room, a famed small concert venue on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Not only was Jackson front and center of the small crowd, but she also did roady duties and helped the band haul gear before and after the show.

The couple formed their own band - The Soundflowers - back in June. Both of them sing, while he plays acoustic guitar and she plays the ukulele. Glenn goes by his own name when performing with the band, and Jackson goes by the moniker PK Dragonfly.

The two have only played a couple of gigs in public. The most recent was in August at a Canyon Sessions cancer fundraiser in Los Angeles.

Glenn and Jackson have not officially confirmed their relationship, but that hasn’t stopped them from showing some PDA. Some reports claim the two are just good friends, while others say the two are planning to tie the knot.

Paris Jackson has not commented on the rumors surrounding her health or her famous family.

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  • Soteria
    Soteria Dec 2, 2018 10:24 PM PST

    Paris please don’t pay attention to those rumors!!! Learn what the word of God says for your life... There is life in the word!

  • Tj
    Tj Dec 1, 2018 8:55 PM PST

    Does not surprise me if she ends like her father

  • Sandra Mccallion
    Sandra Mccallion Dec 1, 2018 5:43 PM PST

    People just need to leave her alone just like they should have done with her dad Michael. Let the girl alone Paris u be who u want n do what u want u go girl

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