Scarlett Johansson Clarifies Her Position On Casting And Political Correctness

Scarlett Johansson Clarifies Her Position On Casting And Political Correctness
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According to a report from Variety, Scarlett Johansson is defending her previous statements in which she stated that a person should be allowed to characterize or portray anyone they want to for the sake of art, creative freedom, and expression.

During a recent interview with the publication, As If, known for its coverage on arts and culture, Scarlett made her comments, which she later said were "edited for clickbait" and were taken "wildly out of context." In the discussion with David Salle, Scarlett said there clearly was a confrontation between art and political correctness.

Paraphrasing the actress, Scarlett said any person should be given the opportunity to play whomever they want, and art should be completely "immune to political correctness." Furthermore, Scarlett clarified some of her other comments in which she stated that not every person has the same opportunities as another.

According to the actress, she recognizes the fact that she has been afforded a privileged position, in which she has more roles on account of her skin color as well as her biological sex. Scarlett went on to say, however, that she'll continue to support diversity on screen as much as she can.

As it was previously reported, Scarlett has come under fire in the past for comments on political correctness as well as her controversial casting as a transgender person in the film, Rub & Tug . Scarlett was cast to play the transgender organized crime member, Dante Tex Gill, however, she had to pull out at the last minute on account of Twitter backlash.

In an old interview with The Daily Mail, Johansson claimed she should be allowed to play anybody she wanted too, whether it was a person, a tree, or an animal. Back in 2016, Scarlett found herself in trouble again for getting the job in the film adaption of Ghost In The Shell.

Twitter users said the casting was inappropriate because Scarlett doesn't have Japanese heritage. Amid her controversy in the Rub and Tug casting, Scarlett said that perhaps Twitter users and critics should say the same thing to people like Hillary Swank and Jared Leto, who also played transgender people.

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