Saweetie Shares The Outfit She Planned On Wearing To PornHub Awards Despite Recent Trafficking Controversy

Saweetie Shares The Outfit She Planned On Wearing To PornHub Awards Despite Recent Trafficking Controversy
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Saweetie isn't afraid to associate with PornHub, that much is for certain, at least according to what her social media account shows. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Saweetie took to her Instagram this week to share a couple of pictures of what she intended on wearing at the PornHub Awards.

The rapper-songwriter, the outlet claims, is known for being an "intelligent" and "beautiful" icon in the rap community. The star has been acknowledged for going for the "bougie" and "pretty girl" style, which has been part of her image and persona since she first hit mainstream success.

With all that in mind, a lot of her fans aren't happy with the fact she is going to the PornHub Awards. The rapper posted a picture of her outfit on Tuesday night, showing off a bizarre outfit that is certainly out of the ordinary.

As most know, PornHub has come under fire in a big way in recent weeks following a New York Times piece that claimed the website has been hosting child pornography, rape porn, and other illegal sexual acts for a long time without moderation.

Both Visa and Mastercard launched investigations into Pornhub after the New York Times alleged that the website "refused to take action" against the illegal content uploaded to their platform. As most know, Pornhub has allowed user-generated content ever since it first started, and nearly anyone can upload content to the website.

Not long after the story was shared widely by social media and it was picked up by other mainstream outlets, PornHub did take action and began removing all of the user-uploaded content. Moreover, anybody who wants to upload content to the site in the future will need to be verified.

Saweetie , on the other hand, doesn't seem too bothered by what has gone on with the company. She has since posted a bunch of super-hero ideas on her account, asking for her fans to give their opinions on what the best porn-themed super-hero name is.


Thus far, it appears as though fans have overwhelmingly chosen "d*ck wrangler."

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