Saweetie Says She's Disappointed With Her Label - Here's What Happened

Saweetie Says She's Disappointed With Her Label - Here's What Happened
Credit: BET

Saweetie said that she's extremely disappointed with her label. If you're wondering what they did, well, it seems that they released one of her songs earlier. 

Check out the post that she shared on her social media account below.

Someone said: 'Y’all weird for posting the song link and the cover as a tweet ... can’t even let the girls have their moment to at LEAST tell the icy gang and Doja stans there’s a new song.'

A follower posted this mesage: 'Most likely we heard the original song 10 years ago... so it's all good.'

Someone else posted this mesage: 'Sweetie I promise if you didn’t tell us just now we wouldn’t even know the song dropped. Stay blessed though.'

A commenter said: 'If I were her I wouldn’t say anything these people have a history of killing black entertainers!' and one other follower posted this mesage: 'I’ll never understand why labels do that, without talking to the artist first.'

A commenter posted this mesage: 'i’m so sorry you have to go through this. NO artist should have their work out before it’s supposed to be out simple. and I’m definitely sorry it was your own label'

Another follower said: 'Damn that’s unfortunate, just the thought of all the creative hard work and the wrong version! Horrible. Is the album done or can we assist you with another Fire beat? Let’s make it better.'

One fan told her: 'i’m so sorry baby, ik the rollout and video was finna eat; even if the cover DID leak, they had no right to just put out the entire song. we feel you, all the kittenz are with you.'

Back in November, Saweetie has been in the headlines repeatedly for more reasons than one.


The star recently dropped a brand new song, “Back To The Streets” featuring Jhené Aiko, and she found herself sparking controversy over comments she had made last month regarding her expectations of a man.

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