Saweetie Says She Turned Down Help From Famous Cousin So She Could Make Her Own Way

Saweetie Says She Turned Down Help From Famous Cousin So She Could Make Her Own Way
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Most outside of the entertainment industry understand that connections and nepotism are often at the center of what allows a rising star to quickly find record contracts and movie deals.

In fact, many celebrities have become stars because of not only their own hard work, admittedly but also the help of those closest to them who just happened to be connected in the industry. Saweetie , the performing artist, knows this and is more than aware of some of the downsides.

In recent news, it was revealed that Saweetie and Gabrielle Union were actually cousins, and it led some to believe that perhaps Union had helped her out with her career. When Saweetie sat down for an interview on Desus and Mero , she gave her take on the pesky rumors.

You can check out what Saweetie had to say in the YouTube clip below:

According to the performing artist, her famous family members were upset at her initially because they discovered she was going to start doing music, but never asked for help. Saweetie claims she has so much pride that she chose to go it alone, rather than rely on contacts.

"I appreciated they reached out and was like, 'we see what you're doing,'" Saweetie remarked. She went on to say that her famous friends contacted her and told her they were more than willing to help if things got rough, but Saweetie politely declined.

The performing artist went on to say that she wanted to see if she could make it on her own, with her own skills and merit. Fans of the artist know she just made a name for herself in a big way with songs like "My Type" as well as "Tap in."

In recent news, the rapper celebrated her MTV Video Music Award's nomination as well as her next record, Pretty B*tch Music . Hip-hop fans know female rappers with attitude have become a massive draw in the industry.

While the phenomenon has existed for years, there's no question that artists that espouse themes of female empowerment tend to do particularly well.

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