Saweetie Rocked The Stage During Drake And Migos Concert - Watch The Video

Saweetie Rocked The Stage During Drake And Migos Concert - Watch The Video

Saweetie has been dating Quavo for quite a while now, and things seem to be going great. She shared pics with him on her social media account, making their fans and follower happy.

Back in September Saweetie addressed Quavo dating rumors, and judging by what she had to say, fans said that things were going in the right direction for them to become the latest couple in the industry. And that's exactly what happened.

Back then she said that they are just getting to know each other, but she does enjoy his company.

‘I can keep it real,’ she said, responding to Jeannie Mai’s question about her relationship status.

‘Me and [Quavo] have worked together — you guys have seen the ‘Workin’ Me’ video. It was a pleasure to …,’ she said and then laughed at a photo of Quavo that appeared behind her.

During this past weekend, Saweetie hit the stage together with Drake and Migos and drove fans crazy with excitement.

Someone was not exactly here for it: 'Quavo couldn't keep watching offset and cardi, so he had to go get him a Cardi of his own well he failed Issa no.'

Another follower said 'but the sound people should be fired. Her mic needed to be turned up & her music needed to be turned down. It seems like they did it on purpose.'

Someone else posted 'I'm just happy the number of female rappers starting to match the number of males ones!!! All these girls rap nowadays ??.'

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